- Developed annual marketing strategies for DET

- We created Vivi, DET's first school sector mascot.

With A Powerful Partnership (8 years of continuous engagement), DET Elevated Its Profile Internationally and Attracted Aspiring Students in China.

Our Project

In collaboration with the Victoria State Government’s Department of Education (DET), we developed a China marketing and social media strategy that elevated DET’s profile internationally and attracted offshore Chinese students to come study in Australia.


1. We developed annual marketing strategies for DET, leveraging market research to understand target audiences and needs of the education agents since 2016.

2. We created Vivi, DET’s first school sector mascot, which was launched on May 8, 2023 and received a warm reception in the Chinese market.


Our engaging campaigns targeting students and education agents resulted in over 200 video submissions and 1,000 campaign participants. Our efforts led to DET acquiring the highest number of followers among similar Australian accounts on WeChat. With creative content and a strategic approach, we contributed to raising awareness and attracting students to study with Victoria State Government’s Department of Education.