- Through the creation of bulletproof branding specifications and guidelines, our brand identity specialists ensured logos, typography, colours, iconography and images are culturally accepted and provides a point of differentiation among competition.

- Top travel influencers and media in the market were engaged to maximise our ROI.

Supported by a government grant, We tapped into one of the world’s fastest-growing travel businesses and embarked on a new journey with them!

Our Project

Luxury Escape formed a partnership in China and announced their expansion into China market with the launch of a new brand: YIDU Travel, a joint venture with leading Chinese travel brand Zanadu. What we were briefed on is to create Brand Identity for Yidu Travel and assist in its first launch in China market.



1. We embedded our understanding of culture and consumer behavior into the design of the YIDU logo. Our in-house designer came out this bright, relevant and self-explanatory logo, a new brand that resonates with travel markets with a touch of luxury feeling.

2. Our first wave of media launching and ePR activities was focused on working with top performers in the travel media industry who had to demonstrate not only data impressions but also conversions. In one week’s, time, we captured up to 20 mainstream media and trade media reports on this joint venture.


Successfully launched the brand with key trade media partners and travel influencers with more than 3.5 million impression reached within one week. Though our second phase of promotion was interrupted by Covid-19 outbreak. However, the brand was well captured by trade media and broader audiences in China.