- Collaborated with top travel influencers and media figures in China.

- Leveraged influencer engagement for cultural resonance.

- Gained a distinct market advantage through strategic influencer partnerships.

- Continued expansion of Melbourne Airport's appeal to Chinese travellers.

Our Project

Brand Asia collaborated with Melbourne Airport, widely known as Tullamarine Airport, which stands as the primary gateway to the vibrant city of Melbourne and is Australia’s second busiest airport. With China being a significant source of tourists and international students in Australia, Melbourne Airport recognised the opportunity to engage with this valuable demographic. In response, the airport, in collaboration with Brand Asia, embarked on a strategic journey to establish a prominent presence on Chinese social media platforms and convey the message that “Melbourne Airport is a shopping destination” to a wider Chinese audience and travellers.


  1. Melbourne Airport’s first significant step was establishing an official WeChat account, ensuring the account was properly registered under the company’s business credentials, allowing for direct engagement with the Chinese audience on one of the most influential social media platforms in the country.
  2. We developed a robust content strategy tailored to the preferences and buying habits of the Chinese audience, which included over 100 posts over the course of two years, each carefully crafted to resonate with the Chinese audience’s interests and desires.
  3. In the first year, Melbourne Airport’s WeChat account organically attracted a following of 3,000 enthusiastic followers, which stood as a testament to the appeal of the content and the effectiveness of the strategy.
  4. For the culturally significant Chinese New Year, we orchestrated a meticulously planned media campaign in collaboration with carefully selected media partners, recognising the festival’s importance and furthering Melbourne Airport’s engagement with its Chinese audience.


Melbourne Airport’s entry into Chinese social media has been highly successful. Establishing an official WeChat account allowed direct communication with the Chinese audience, while a tailored content strategy resonated with their preferences. Achieving 3,000 followers in the first year proved the strategy’s effectiveness. The Chinese New Year campaign reinforced the airport’s presence during this important cultural celebration, endearing it to the Chinese audience. This journey expanded the airport’s reach and solidified its image as a shopping destination for Chinese travellers.