RATIONALE's journey to establish a presence on China's leading social media platforms, WeChat and Little Red Book for market expansion, opened new horizons in Asian communities worldwide.

Our effective approach, leading to a 30% sales boost within the first six months of launching the WeChat account, particularly targeted the influential Chinese market.

Our Project

Brand Asia’s collaboration with RATIONALE, Australia’s luxury skincare brand founded by Richard Parker in 1992, marks a significant milestone. Initially available exclusively through medical professionals, RATIONALE has grown to include 13 flagship stores in Australia, two in Singapore, and one in Los Angeles. Their products are now also offered through a network of medical stockists in Australia, the UK, and the US.


  1. Recognising the significant market potential in Asian communities worldwide, RATIONALE aimed to establish its presence on WeChat, China’s top social media platform. This expansion was later extended to Little Red Book, a popular skincare and beauty platform among Chinese consumers worldwide.
  2. We began by establishing RATIONALE’s first official accounts on both WeChat and Little Red Book, symbolising the brand’s journey to seek global recognition, especially among the most powerful consumers: Chinese living in Australia and abroad.
  3. Our task involved developing a content strategy and collaborating with RATIONALE’s in-house content team to tailor social media posts to align with the buying preferences and skincare routines of the Chinese audience.
  4. Additionally, online and offline store activation social engagements were initiated and executed to attract more Chinese families and friends of clients to visit the stores and experience the unique products and services that RATIONALE offers.


Our approach included creating a comprehensive campaign strategy with creative content and on-brand imagery. We seamlessly integrated this strategy into a successful Paid Ads campaign on WeChat’s Moment Ads platform, gaining over 1,000 followers in one campaign. This led to a notable 30% boost in sales within the first six months after launching the WeChat account, particularly targeting the Chinese market. This highlights the effective impact of our efforts in engaging the audience and driving sales.