- In collaboration with top travel influencers and media figures in China, we strategically leveraged influencer engagement to ensure our branding resonated culturally, providing The Luxury Collection with a distinct market advantage.

- Cultural branding precision ensured that our guidelines resonated culturally, effectively setting The Luxury Collection apart in the Asian market.

Our Project

Brand Asia collaborated with The Luxury Collection, a prestigious brand within the Marriott International portfolio, known for its collection of world-renowned hotels and resorts that offer unique and authentic experiences to global travellers. With nearly 120 properties in over 35 countries and territories, The Luxury Collection prides itself on providing guests with memorable and culturally immersive stays.



  1. The Luxury Collection’s Global Explorer program celebrated captivating destinations worldwide by showcasing them through the perspectives of renowned cultural figures, including artists, actors, and fashion icons.
  2. In the Chinese market, The Luxury Collection carefully selected A-list actor Dongyu Zhou as their brand ambassador. She collaborated with the brand to create a captivating microfilm in Tokyo, offering a unique perspective on the meaning of travel.
  3. Our task was to promote the microfilm and announce Dongyu Zhou as the brand ambassador to a broader audience in China. This strategic promotion aimed to create buzz and engagement around The Luxury Collection’s enchanting travel experiences.


Our strategic media campaign successfully launched the captivating microfilm created in collaboration with Dongyu Zhou, The Luxury Collection’s brand ambassador, as she explored the essence of travel in Tokyo. Over the course of one week, the film garnered an impressive 5 million views on Weibo, one of China’s prominent social media platforms. Furthermore, this engaging campaign sparked more than 50,000 meaningful conversations and discussions surrounding the film and the broader topic of travel, amplifying The Luxury Collection’s presence and engagement within the Chinese market.